Website Design

Welcome to the home of Wheezie Productions Website Design.

Do you want to have a website. But you don’t where to start. Or how to make one. Look no further. You have found Wheezie Productions Website Design. Wheezie Productions is a company of ONE. So you get one on one services.


  • That you set up a location of where your website will be ex- free site ( like AOL, Geocities, etc) or through a server you pay ( ex- Simplenet/ Yahoo web services)
  • You allow Wheezie Productions access to some of your website account info. Some of your account info will be needed in order for Wheezie Productions to upload your website on to the web
  • Provide Wheezie Productions with your business Graphics or Graphics you want on your site.


Work with you 1 on 1.

Create your website or add on to your existent site

Show you how to get the Programmes needed for you to work on your site if you choose.

Offer advice on how to start site if all you have is an idea.

Submit your site to 300 search engines for FREE.

* More of what I will do & what I ask of you will be added later. Needless to say I willing to work with your needs to give you the website you want.


  • Creating a website — Based on what you want & how big the site
  • Updating your current site ( which I did not create for you) — $20 an hour
  • Site maintaned by WP & adding on to it ( for the site I create for you)– $15 an hour
  • If you sign up for the company that is the server for Wheezie Productions & put this site down as a referral. You will get $25 taken off your final bill.

Now I am guessing you would like to see some of my work. All of the Wheezie Production website were created by the webmaster & owner of Wheezie Productions. Here are some sections for you to explorer & see what Wheezie Productions can do:

  • MeatLoaf 2K
  • Patti Russo “Oh Darling” website
  • MiMi’s Sanrio Site

You will soon be able to few other sample layouts I made that are not part of the Wheezie Productions website.
If you have any questions about our website design service please feel free to Email us at Wheezie Productions .